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Jordan has Epic Insight has worked with me for the last number of years and has proved to be a great asset to any team I have put together. He has a talented eye for a great shot as well as an understanding of a wider picture of any production or shoot. I have counted on him numerous times and he has come up trumps each time.
Coca-Cola World Cup Trophy Tour 2018


Working with to shoot coverage of the Coca-Cola World Cup Trophy Tour, Dubai is the first of 7 countries around the world we will be showcasing the World Cup's journey.


As a skeleton team of two, myself and a producer from Perform/, we had to cover the entire journey using multiple camera systems and sound gear whilst constantly on the move. For this, our kit at Epic Insight kit was broken down and specially repackaged to make travelling easy and set up time minimal throughout the shoot day. - Jordan.


Kit Supply

Core Content

Here is the core piece of content from Dubai.

Supporting Content

Supporting content consisted of a photography package showcasing locations and representatives of the event.